We're Proud to Announce our New Logo!

And what's better than a new logo . . . is a new logo on new gear! Now, you can buy your very own Bee Club at Cornell Merchandise during our merchandise sale! Below, we've listed all the products available to purchase. To buy an item, click on the product, and you will be taken to the Redbubble website. Select your size, color (we recommend white if you'll be wearing your gear to hive inspections) and choose other products with our logo that you'd like to buy. Redbubble will handle payment of your gear and will ship it directly to you! Buzz Buzz!

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Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Starting at $21.00

Slim Fit T-Shirt

Starting at $14.47

Pullover Hoodie

Starting at $32.25

Pullover Sweatshirt

Starting at $29.04

Other Goodies!!!


Starting at $2.08 each

Spiral Notebook

Starting at $10.52

Classic Mug 

Starting at $13.13

iPhone Case

Starting at $21.04

Link to Samsung Galaxy case

Even More Products!!!

Tank Tops (Mens and Womens) - Starting at $16.41

Water Bottles - Starting at $15.73

Zippered Hoodies - Starting at $33.25

Cotton Reusable Grocery Bag - Starting at $12.93

Zippered Pencil Pouch - Starting at $10.10

This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.