Meet the Steering Committee!

Alexis Anderson


Alexis Anderson is an environment and sustainability student who joined Bee Club her first semester at Cornell. She knew the importance of pollinators but didn’t know very much about beekeeping until she joined. Everyone in the club is so kind and passionate about bees, and she loves being able to make a difference while having fun. She encourages everyone to join or stop by because "It’s always a BE(E)autiful day when you’re with the bee club!"

Steve Hoge

Vice President

Steve is a Sophomore studying Biology and Society with a minor in Entomology. He started beekeeping his freshman year of high school and has been hooked ever since! He is one of the Apiary Directors for the Bee Club, and he loves how amazed new beekeepers are the first time they look into a hive! He loves honey bees, but also does research with native bees in the Danforth Lab.

Nick Hoge

Apiary Director

Nick Hoge is a Sophomore studying economics with a business minor. He's currently co-apiary director with his twin brother and learned to bee keep from him in high school. His favorite part about bee club is our hands on opportunities and hive inspections! It’s really grown to be such a rewarding passion of his and he's incredibly excited about where the club is headed!

Catherine Crosier

Club Elder

Catherine joined bee club in her freshman fall and has been all about bees since! A senior majoring in Environment & Sustainability and Spanish, Catherine crafted her own E&S concentration called “Honeybees and Humans” which consists of classes that encompass a holistic view of commercial beekeeping and honeybee health. Her career goal is to work in honeybee extension with a special focus on migratory beekeeping operations. Catherine was the bee club president for 2 years and a Teaching Assistant for the Honeybees course. Catherine has especially enjoyed working with the NYS beekeeping tech team in the Dyce Laboratory for Honeybee Studies here at Cornell, as part of her role as an undergraduate in the McArt lab. She is also an Outdoor Odyssey guide and member of the Nordic Skiing club team. When not beekeeping, Catherine enjoys rock climbing, running, farming, and playing Ice Hockey!

Ben DeMoras

Club Elder

Ben DeMoras is a Senior in E&S minoring in entomology and science communication. Currently, he's an apiary director for the Cornell Bee Club. His academic and career goals are creating sustainable relationships with pollinators and honeybees through scientific research, extension, and digital media, and he has been keeping bees for 11 years.

Joy Hendrix

Club Elder

Joy is a senior in materials science with a minor linguistics. She is from Danbury, CT. This semester, she is a Club Elder, which means that she helps with logistics behind the scenes and supports the current crop of steering committee members. In her free time, she likes to crochet, bake, go on Google maps, and go on walks.

Lizzy Fitzgerald

Club Elder

Lizzy has been a member of the Beekeeping Club at Cornell since she transferred here from SUNY Geneseo my sophomore year, and is currently the Vice President. She is a senior biological sciences major with a concentration in plant science in CALS. After graduation she will take a gap year to work as a lab tech before pursuing a masters degree. She loves agriculture, science, beekeeping, and the way that all those things overlap. One thing she especially loves about bee club is that she can share her love of bees with other people who also love bees. She has been much more involved in plant science lately, but eusocial stinging insects will always have a special place in her heart!

Alexandra Michael

Club Elder

Alexandra is a junior in ILR with minors in Psychology and Law & Society. She joined the Bee Club in her sophomore year and really enjoys interacting with the bees and learning about their routine.

Caroline Smith

Club Elder

Caroline, A.K.A. Smitty, is a senior studying Biological Engineering with a minor in Climate Change and a passion for all things bees. She joined Bee Club in Fall 2018 with absolutely no beekeeping experience, yet was elected to serve as the treasurer from Spring 2019 through Fall 2020. Since then, Caroline has been the senior treasurer, which means she answers questions about how to handle budget related things when they arise but doesn’t actually fill out the budget on Campus Groups anymore. When not admiring bees, Caroline enjoys long walks to her classes in Riley Robb, as well as playing in the Brazilian drumming group, Deixa Sambar.