Meet the Steering Committee!

Steven Hoge

Nick Hoge

Nicole Kye


Steve is a Senior studying Biology and Society with a minor in Entomology. He started beekeeping his freshman year of high school and has been hooked ever since! He is one of the Apiary Directors for the Bee Club, and he loves how amazed new beekeepers are the first time they look into a hive! He loves honey bees, but also does research with native bees in the Danforth Lab. 

Apiary Director

Nick Hoge is a Senior studying economics with a business minor. He's currently co-apiary director with his twin brother and learned to bee keep from him in high school. His favorite part about bee club is our hands on opportunities and hive inspections! It’s really grown to be such a rewarding passion of his and he's incredibly excited about where the club is headed!  

Finance Chair

Nicole Kye is a double major in Biology and Society & Spanish, with a minor in Latin American Studies. She developed a fascination for beekeeping during her freshman year and joined the Bee Club. Her first year in the club was truly wonderful, which led her to become a part of the BeeBoard during her sophomore year. She is eagerly looking forward to witnessing the club's continued growth and progress. Not to mention, the Beeple are amazing!

Emma Acri

Sam Durocher

Social Media Manager

Emma Acri is a freshman in CALS with a double major in Environment and Sustainability and Communications. In high school, she was a part of FFA and was a leading member of her school’s greenhouse. Her love for bees started in her freshman year of high school after doing a research project on the importance of native plants and native bees. Her favorite bee is, of course, the bumble bee! 

Bee Club Steering Committee

Sam Durocher is a sophomore from Michigan majoring in Environment and Sustainability and minoring in Entomology. She has always had a fascination for insects, but joined the Bee Club while taking the Honey Bees course last fall. She is passionate about conservation and is excited to help teach others about the importance of bees and other insects!

Daniel Sorokin

Andrew Chen

Vice Apiary Director 

Daniel Sorokin, a computer science student at Cornell, joined the Bee Club during his first semester. His journey with beekeeping began in his freshman year of high school over COVID, quickly escalating into a fervent passion. Daniel has gained extensive experience through working at an apiary, maintaining hives at home, and teaching a high school class on beekeeping. He is enthusiastic about introducing others to the fascinating world of beekeeping and warmly invites everyone to join the Bee Club!

Bee Club Steering Committee

Andrew Chen is a freshman in CALS majoring in Nutritional Science major and minoring in Business. In high school, Andrew started gaining interest in bees when he had to make multiple dishes centered around honey and he’s been interested in the many different varieties ever since. He is enthused to be part of the BeeBoard and is excited to witness the club grow!

This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.